Come one, come all. Old House New Tricks wants to share the spotlight with all you fabulous creators out there. Are you a DIY'er? DId you just make the best thing that you can't wait to share? Is your favorite store Home Depot? Have you done some incredible renovations you'd like to show off? If so, I'd like to see them. Send me images of your before/afters, how to's and fabulous creations. If they are unique and inspiring I'll share them with the rest of the internets.

Simply follow the submissions guidelines below and start creating!

Image Quality: This is of numero uno importance. We want to see your project at its best! Send beautifully lit and composed images. If photography gives you a headache ask someone you know with a good eye who knows how to use a camera to help you out. Pay particular attention to lighting and composition. For Before {and} Afters try to take the scene from the same perspective for the best results.

Image Size:
All images should be 600 pixels wide jpgs at 125dpi (if this sounds like a foreign language to you ask some computer savvy friend to help you out)

Image Quantity: 
Before {and} Afters. 2-3 Images each
DIY's/ How-To's.
1 image of supplies needed (best to compose them on a nice plain background like a solid color cloth).

*1 image of each step along the way (with a written tutorial), and a finished product shot from 2 different angles.

Send Images and Details To:

Looking forward to seeing what your made of! 
xo' alysha