Before {and} After: an Unused Corner Becomes a Vanity


The bathrooms in the Farmhouse are quite small and are not very user-friendly for anything other than the essentials. So, they left me nowhere to get ready in front of a mirror. To solve this dilemma instead of waiting till we redo the bathrooms (who knows when) I decided to create my own little vanity haven in an unused corner of the bedroom. (sorry that the before {and} after images are not of the same vantage point, but I think you get the idea).


Since the chosen corner is not a large amount of space, I wanted to make sure it would be functional and have enough storage for all of my things without getting cluttered.

I was lucky that I already had 90% of the components to create this area, so it cost me very little money to execute. The main thing I needed to find was a vanity type wall cabinet to hang and store my hair and facial goodies. I lucked out and found exactly what I was looking for on sale at Goodwill for a mere $4. I was sure it was too good to be true, so I scooped it up, paid, and busted out of there before they realized they made a mistake on the price or something. Once I got home I fixed it up a bit, lined the inside with paper, and added a perfect little knob pull that I found at Anthropology (also on sale) and my vanity was well on its way.

Next I bought the side table that houses my make-up. It matches the decor in the rest of the room which creates a lovely little balance in all the vignettes. Each room of the house showcases a different type or stain of wood and the bedroom is all about Walnut.

I was going for a warm, minimal, calming feel for this corner. I still have to get an outlet put in, and I may stencil the wall using a gold leaf pen that I'm itching to bust out. Until then I've been more than satisfied every morning when I get up and have a delightful little place all my own to put myself together before I head out into the world.