Before {and} After: the Breakfast Nook

nook_before_vert2 copy.jpg

The breakfast nook was a fun labor of love. I can't tell you how many hours it took of staring and re-designing in my head it took. The 'before' picture is the styling from the open house, so that is as before as before can get. Here are some of the images I used for inspiration to design around black and white checkerboard floors.


Let's begin at the beginning. The red paint on the walls, although not horrendous, wasn't the style I was going for so it had to go. I could've gone with a retro theme but rather wanted to create a modern industrial farmhouse feel. And besides that, the red is actually lead paint over very old wallpaper which had completely warped, pretty huh? 

I had gotten the house tested for lead before the renovations began so that I could move on in a safe manner. Believe it or not out of the whole house the kitchen had the most positive lead results (great! where all of the food is). So, being as insane as I am I went and took a lead renovation course, and after eight hours and a written test I became an Certified EPA Lead Renovator. Now, I felt confident and knowledgable in how to deal with the areas in my home containing lead.

From what I learned in the case of the wallpaper it would be much safer to cover it than to take it down, so I decided to plank the walls (tutorial to come). It only took a few days and about $100 worth of wood and nails.

I went back and forth a million times deciding if I wanting to build a booth or have a three-person bistro table. I wanted it to be casual and intimate but still elegant. I ultimately ended up combining the two ideas and built the current table for the space out of a slab of quartz and plumbing pipes (tutorial to come).

Next I moved on to the seating. I built the industrial schoolhouse bench, got the blu dot knicker chair I had been coveting, and added the schoolhouse chair I discovered at a flea market. 

I then bought some modern silver and white fabric for some no sew curtains and lastly got the pendant light and switch installed. Voila the nook is DONE! Phew, re-living that was exhausting.

Stay tuned for the Before {and} After of the rest of the kitchen. It comes chock full of tutorials like painting a chalkboard fridge, planking a wall, building open floating shelves, and building a kitchen island with a butcher block top!

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Images: alysha findley