Greetings and Salutations.

Welcome to Old House New Tricks. Let me introduce myself and my gang. My name is alysha findley and my Mr. is matt (aka husband or mup). And we have three little furry scoundrel kits named sugaree, nhat hanh and piper. 

My surroundings have always been super important to me and definitely affect my mood in a big way. When I was young I was constantly re-arranging my furniture and painting my room different colors (albeit always a shade of pink or purple). I did this so much that I now remember events in my childhood not by how old I was, or what teacher I had, but by how my room was arranged, what wall my bed was on, and what the lighting was like. Crazy right? I know. Well as you can imagine it has always been my dream to finally have a place of my own where I was free to tear down walls, paint whatever I wanted, and experiment without having to worry about getting in trouble with the landlord. That dream has finally come true, and I'm taking full advantage. 

We bought our first house just a few months ago in May of 2012. It's a 1919 Craftsman in West Seattle, and it was built by the seller’s grandfather. We are the first people outside of their family to own it. It was in really good condition and certainly move in ready, but in need of some love to get it up to speed in the 21st Century so it can withstand the next hundred years. I have a lot of visions for this home and have been working away like a maniac trying to make them all happen within the first year. Oh and I have no patience, did I mention that fun fact?

So get to the point, what's this blog all about anyways?

Well the farmhouse (oh yeah that's what we call the house) is my playground to build, decorate and re-arrange, and this is where I bring you the aftermath of it all. I will share with you my ideas and inspirations on design and art, show you tutorials on how to make whatever we’ve built, share my mistakes along the way so you don't have to make them, bring you before {and} afters and in-progress' of each space, and share with you the triumphs and struggles that come with being a first time home-owner, renovator and perfectionist working in a hundred-year old house. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little world.
' xo alysha